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The Olympics are coming!! We’re new to this relationship, so you don’t know much about me yet. But, I LOVE the Olympics. I will watch anything Olympics related. ANYTHING!!! Last night there was Figure Skating on so I tuned in so I’d get familiar with the skaters heading in to the final stretch before the games.

Well, last night’s Cup of China competition was on Universal Sports. I changed over and immediately the screen shrunk. Not to show off, but my 80-inch-feel-like-you’re-there-magic-box was suddenly rendered standard-def. WHAT?! I know I sound self-entitled, but I’m part of “that” generation so I’m going to embrace it for now and say “WHERE’S MY HD?” I want to be able to see that figure skater slice the rink open, and kick up chunks of ice, if I so please. And goodness help me, if skater hits the ice I kind of want to watch her, or him, bounce.

I took it upon myself to tweet to @UniversalSports asking what was up. They have responded, asking my provider, so we’ll see where this goes. I just hope they don’t pull a Pac-12 Sports Network and say “Drop Directv!” I like my Sunday Football overload too much for that be an option.

UPDATE!!! While I was hacking away at my keyboard for this blog post, @UniversalSports responded to my tweet and informed me that USN is in fact broadcast in HD, and it’s up to my provider (@Directv) to offer it. So, now I’m on to my next target… Come on Directv! I want to see HD ice!

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The World Series is Boring…

When you don’t have a horse in the race.

I’m still mad at the Cardinals, so I’m rooting for the Red Sox. I like their grit, I’m all about this ‘Blood, Sweat, and Beards’ craziness. Here’s what I can’t decide though: do I hope this game goes to game 7 so that these Red Sox players roll right into ‘No-Shave November,’ OR do I hope this ends Wednesday so they have a day to shave before the madness starts all over again.

Yep, that’s my biggest concern in this race. When will it end, and will the Sox players keep face-pubes growing around their mouths?

As you can see I’m fully invested. I’m not even worried about the interference call, or the fact that a World Series game ended in a pick-off for the first time EVER. Nope, I just want daily beard updates.

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